10 Quick Steps to a Blog

Here are the first 10 steps I take in setting up a blog. These steps can be accomplished in less than an hour and lead to a succesful launch.

  1. Register Domain
  2. Setup hosting
  3. Install WordPress and change Permalink structure
  4. Install Robots.txt file
  5. Publish a few posts
  6. Setup on Feedburner and place RSS links on page.
  7. Create and upload Sitemap
  8. Submit to Google Webmaster Central
  9. Submit to Yahoo Site Explorer
  10. Install Google Analytics

I will go through each of these steps in individual posts.

The last blog I setup was in the Google Index within 48 hours, and away we go……

4 thoughts on “10 Quick Steps to a Blog

  1. Hi David,

    Did you ever post about each of these steps? I could only find one post regarding the 1st step. As a newb to setting up blogs I would find more information about each of the steps very helpful. I’m eager to set up a few blogs but also want to do them the right way. If you didn’t post about each step would it be possible to discuss these via email?



  2. David,

    Hey Man, I can’t believe I missed this post. I am interested to know if you ever posted about each individual step?!? For instance, I am interested about changing the permalink structure. Do you mean changing it to /%postname%.html?

    That is what I have been using for all my sites. Or is there something else you mean? Let me know.


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