Monthly Archives: May 2007

Rapid Development

It is just amazing how fast a blog and/or website can be built and making progress theses days.

Between Feb 1st and March 1st I worked on 10 sites, 3 blogs and 7 websites. I track a lot of data and like to do a review of how well new sites are working and thought I would share some of that here.

PageRank: 5 have a Pagerank of 4, 3 = PR 3, 1 = PR 2

Traffic: The average for all 10 sites is 100 PV per day from 65 Visitors per day.

Index: All 10 are indexed in Google, all 10 are in Yahoo, only 4 are in MSN.

Income: 3 made more than $15 in April. 3 are not monetized.

Most of these sites took 5 days from registration date to get indexed in Google and receiving some traffic. The traffic increased visibly starting about 3 days in advance of seeing a Pagerank.