Monthly Archives: June 2007

10 Quick Steps to a Blog

Here are the first 10 steps I take in setting up a blog. These steps can be accomplished in less than an hour and lead to a succesful launch.

  1. Register Domain
  2. Setup hosting
  3. Install WordPress and change Permalink structure
  4. Install Robots.txt file
  5. Publish a few posts
  6. Setup on Feedburner and place RSS links on page.
  7. Create and upload Sitemap
  8. Submit to Google Webmaster Central
  9. Submit to Yahoo Site Explorer
  10. Install Google Analytics

I will go through each of these steps in individual posts.

The last blog I setup was in the Google Index within 48 hours, and away we go……

Making Money Online

Garry over at has an excellent post (er rant) about making money online with Adsense. IMHO, he hits a home run with this post.

One additional tip I would throw in there is where to get good content for your target audience. Quit looking at the other bloggers, and look around your family and friends. I have several people that are writing for me on blogs covering topics such as Celebrities, Television, DVDs, Music and Politics.

One of these writers does not even know the blog address of the blog she is writing for, and she could care less. She writes very nice posts, emails them to me and we split the income 50/50. Very simple process that is getting excellent results.