Monthly Archives: July 2007

Blogging, Programming and Making Money Online

Those are the top 3 things on my “to do” list these days. Of course that is in my spare time, between a full time job, part time job and family.

With a little success I have had in the last year I was able to drop the part time job, and I am so happy about that. I would much rather be on the computer than working for someone else part time.

The problem I run into is that looking at the list, you would think they all go hand in hand, but his is not always the case and I struggle to find the balance in these three items and I would break them down like this.

  • I want to blog more, and better.
  • I program almost naturally.
  • I need to make more money.

Although they seem to be 3 pieces to the same puzzle a lot of time they are not. The key has been to realize that the 3rd item, Making Money, is a result of the first 2 and not an action item.

Typically I sit down to blog, and before I know it I am programming. This is the trend I need to break. One thing that has helped recently is helping others. I have done a little programming and editing for other bloggers, and although you would think that caused more problems, but, it is actually the opposite.

When I help someone else, especially someone who is a good blogger (such as Garry Conn) I see where their focus is, and that motivates me to focus on the blogging, and only program on the essentials.

So here is to my focus, to post more, help more and let the chips fall where they may!

Images added to Google AJAX Search API

This morning the Google team led by Mark Lucovsky released Google images to the AJAX Search API. With one line of code I was able to adjust my search page to now include the images.

This morning, we are announcing Image Search in the API. Image Search is just as easy to use as all of our other searchers. For those of you using our basic search control, it’s as simple as this…

Source : AJAX Search API Blog

The has been a top request since the launch of the API last year. Glad to see Google is still listening to their user base!

Click here to see an example.

Register a Domain Name

While the function of registering a Domain Name has not changed much over the last 13 years, the cost has certainly changed. Back in 1994 there were very few place to register your domain and the cost was high. I have used several Registrars over the years, including Network Solutions, NameSecure,, GoDaddy and my current favorite NameCheap.

Here is what I look for in a Domain Registrar.

  • Cost – No reason to pay more than $9.95
  • Interface – Should include a keyword search.
  • TLD’s (extensions) – I typically stick with the 2 majors, .com and .net, but I like the option for the others.
  • WhoisGuard – The ability to put WhoisGuard and hide personal information on the Whois. (currently included at NameCheap)
  • Push Domain – I like the ability to Push a Domain to another user. When you sell a domain this can save a lot of time and frustration.
  • Default Nameservers – Since I use a multi host system, setting the Nameservers to my server saves me a lot of time.