Monthly Archives: October 2007

Skip lunch and buy a Domain Name

Over at there has been a flood of comments on his post about Domain Names. It is very interesting to see how others regard buying domain names. While most of us are not rich, buying Domain Names is one of the easiest and cheapest investments you can make online. For less than $10 you can register a Domain Name for a year. If you break that down it comes to less than 3 cents a day!

I have gone through waves when it comes to buying Domain Names. At times I have gotten on a binge and purchased several at a time. But the best practice I have found is to have a plan. Each month I take $10 to $50 of my online income and reinvest it in Domain Names. I also try to launch 1 new site each month with one of these names. I no longer worry about Domain Names I have purchased but not activated. The worst case scenario is I wasted $10 over a year.

If I purchase 24 domain names in a year at $10 each I have only invested $240. So all I need to double my money is to earn $460 over a year on just one of them.

Do you have a plan?


To continue my move into videos I have a new project I hope everyone will check out and give some feedback on.

RadioBlogTalk is a new Internet radio talk show I am producing in partnership with Garry Conn. We hope to release a new show each Monday and discuss topics that are relevant to our readers. If you follow the RadioBlogTalk link to the RadoBlogTalk YouTube channel you can subscribe there and help us, help you.

For our first show (Google PageRank Makes Bloggers Crazy) we decided to talk about the latest Page Rank update and all the hoopla being discussed about it.

If there are topics you would like to have covered, or you have any general suggestions please drop a comment here and let us know.

Make Money Online list

I was looking at the 45n5 Top 100 list of blogs that talk about Make Money Online. I have seen some pretty funny comments about this list. But the fact is that a site does not have to just talk about Making Money Online to be helpful to those wanting to learn how to Make Money Online. But, just for those who want the down and dirty list, I have come up with a page just for you.

This new Make Money Online page uses a real simple algorithm. It list blog post that have Make Money Online in the title and excludes any listing that is a comment or from Digg.

Click here for the new Make Money Online page.

Gmail Filters Video

Last week I produced my first video for Garry Conn about Yahoo Pipes. Garry did a great job of posting the video and I really appreciate his help and support.

During this process I discovered how much I enjoyed video production and I have decided to do some more. Here is my next video which was inspired by several people I work with who have a problem keeping up with email. Using the techniques in this video will help anyone do a better job of managing their email, instead of letting their email control them.

Please give me some feedback and help me improve my video production skills.