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What have I done for you lately

Did I say that wrong, isn’t it supposed to be “What Have YOU Done for Me Lately”?

Nope, you read it right. Here’s the deal. I am better at coding, ideas, editing and almost everything except actually blogging. I have helped several people get the most out of their systems. The most recent person to mention this is Garry Conn in this post where he shows what an awesome day Cyber Monday was for him.

Now this is a rare post for me, I do not like patting myself on the back, but I am doing it for YOU. See, I can help you, more than I can help me. Why? Because I can teach you the things I know easier than I can learn to write posts. So I would rather share with you than see neither of us have success. My only request is you remember me when things I help you with, help you.

I am also looking for partners on several sites. I have some pretty good ranked sites that just need a blogger to help them really take off.

If any of this interest you, sign up for my newsletter, it is the only place I am going to share a lot of this great information.

The signup form is located at the bottom of the right sidebar. I am going to start sharing this information within the next few days, so don’t miss out, SIGN UP NOW!!

Geeky Christmas

Looking over stats on several sites it is pretty obvious it is going to be a Geeky Christmas.

Yes, we all know about iPods and game consoles. But a couple items I have noticed that are going to be hot are GPS systems and a Digital Picture Frame. Both these items are ones I have to admit I forgot about until I saw them showing up in searches.

Watch all the Cyber Monday Deals tomorrow to get an idea on what is hot.

Making mistakes and being open minded

I think I like vlogging more than blogging.

I just felt a little rant coming on and Christine Senter inspired me with her guest post on, along with a comment there from Mark at

Remembering the basics is a key to success and it also reminds me that we have to admit mistakes and learn from them. Along with taking responsibility and accountability in our own actions.

Forget the search engines, remember the people

If you want the best results in the Search Engines, forget about them when you are writing!

There a couple things Search Engines can not do…

  • Conduct a search
  • Read a Calendar

One of the best ways to get traffic and have success in the search engines is to write about what people are searching for. The key element here is “people are searching”. We tend to forget that a search engine does not conduct the searches, people do. And people are interested in what affects their day to day life. One of the best tools we have for writing ideas is a calendar. Most niche markets have built in calendars, some examples…

  • Music Niche – New Releases, Award Shows, Top Selling lists
  • DVD Niche – New Releases, New equipment
  • Sports Niche – Any sports niche has several, schedule, playoffs, off season trades and changes, some have drafts
  • Television Niche – Season schedules, rerun schedules, awards
  • Automotive – New car models released, Car shows, Racing, Accidents

If you have a blog that does not necessarily fall into a niche, use a general calendar.

  • Holidays – News Year, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas
  • Miscellaneous Days – Valentines Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Birthdays (personal and celebrity)
  • History – Almost every day of the year has had something significant happen on it in the past.
  • Elections – State, Federal, International

To show that I really do want to help others, I am launching a new blog in conjunction with this post. I will attempt to post upcoming events on the calendar to assist you with blogging topics. Heck, I might even be doing a little keyword research for you too!

Stop by and make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss anything. If you only read the RSS it will not hurt my feelings, this blog will be to help others.

Contact Me or Watch a Video

Thanks to TheYoungGuy I realized there was no way to contact me from this site, so I have added a new Contact Me page that is listed in the left sidebar.

Also, I added a Google Videobar to the top of the main page. Google has made this soooo easy and they are not even requiring an API key anymore for the video bar. I have my videobar set to the RadioBlogTalk YouTube channel.

If you are interested in the Videobar check out the amazingly simple Videobar Wizard Page!