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Goodbye 2007, Hello 2008

Like a lot of other bloggers there is no way I can possibly list everyone who has impacted me on the Internet in the last year. So, I would just like to thank everyone who reads this!

2007 was  a stellar year for me on the Internet and at times it was a little wild. If 2008 is even close to being  as successful as 2007 I will be thrilled.

I hope and pray that your 2008 will be a smashing success for you in every way possible!

WordPress Plugin RSS

During my Blog reading this morning I came across a post at Garry Conn dot com about increasing comments using your RSS Feed. This was right after I had watched a video at about “What is your edge?”

The combination of these 2 posts inspired me to write a WordPress Plugin today to add Comments and Tags to my RSS, and to be a little different in the layout. The CybersFeedTags plugin will place the Tags and Comments at the top of each post in the feed.

This is a very, very simple WordPress Plugin. It should be a good learning process for anyone interested in seeing how a plugin works. There are only 9 lines of actual coding involved.

Check it out and let me know what ya think!

Download CybersTagFeeds here.

Micro Blogging

Steve Rubel at Micro Persuasion has a very interesting post about Web 2.0 Trends and one of the graphics he uses is this chart from Google Trends comparing Twitter to Blogging.

That chart really got my attention. I had no idea that Twitter was that popular, or that the term Micro Blogging was coming into it’s own.

Micro Blogging Trends

Micro Blogging probably has a good chance of staying with us. Just look at what the younger generations do. They do not use full Blogs and Email to communicate. Typically they use Facebook and MySpace to blog and communicate with others.

When my teenagers say they are checking messages, that means they are looking at their Facebook and/or MySpace pages.

Put Micro Blogging on your list for 2008.

Google Knol

On December 13th Google made a blog post about a new project that is being developed.

Google Knol appears to be a direct competition to Wikipedia. There are some differences mentioned in the post by Udi Manber, VP Engineering.

The main focus of the article is that authors of the articles will be clearly credited and visible. The basic idea would indicate that this would be a way to keep the integrity of the articles by having people put their reputations on the line. Authors will also be able to have ads in their articles and anyone will be able to rate and review an article. It is not clear what criteria will exist to be an author. The project is open by invitation only at this point.

Based on Google’s track record it would probably be a safe bet that this project will be a success.