Monthly Archives: March 2008

WordPress 2.5 Upgrade

I just ran the my first set of WordPress 2.5 upgrades.

The first upgrade was to a very small blog with only 2 plugins, the second was to a larger blog that had several plugins installed. Both upgrades went smooth as silk.

The WordPress 2.5 dashboard and layout are totally different from anything WordPress has released before and it will take some getting used to. I did use the upgrade automatically option on a couple of the plugins and everything worked as expected.

One new feature I really like is the Tag management. As an example I had a tag that should have had a word capitalized that was not. I was able to modify the tag display with a couple clicks and then verify that it was corrected in my tag cloud.

So far WordPress 2.5 looks great and I will follow up with more data as I upgrade the rest of my blogs.

Why is Google Black

The standard Google home page is set on black today, March 29th, 2008 because….

Google users in the United States will notice today that we “turned the lights out” on the homepage as a gesture to raise awareness of a worldwide energy conservation effort called Earth Hour.

I have to admit I tend to think the whole “Green” movement has gotten out of hand and typically goes beyond the point of doing anything constructive. However, this just may get more attention than Al Gore at Live Earth.

Other bloggers have taken notice and given their opinions.
Mashable : Black is the New Green: Google’s Earth Hour
Garry Conn : Google Earth Hour

And since I use iGoogle I personally did not notice this until several people I follow on Twitter started commenting on it. Just hope this does not make all the kids think Google is now Gothic Google, lol.

A Blog Quest

I am in a quest to find (read) blogs that are profitable.

Oh, there is a catch….

I want to see profitable blogs that are not part of the whole blogging about blogging to show you how to make money blogging while talking about blogging and designing sites that are just intended to make money…about blogging.

Did that make sense?

To clarify this I will start by saying profitable is $100 a month. Yes I know, that is not that much money. But the whole idea is to find blogs that reflect a persons passion for a topic without being about how to make money from that topic.

I guess the question that would be asked might be; If you were not making any money, would that blog you are working on still be important to you?

If you know of any blogs/bloggers that fit this description, drop a comment here or let me know on Twitter

Twitter Tools

Sometimes it takes one thing, to make another thing come into focus.

Twitter has been like this for me. I tried Twitter a long time ago, and just could not get into it. However, recently I posted about a great new IM system called Digsby, and Digsby has brought Twitter back into my daily routine with ease. As usual I have to search out a system and see what types of tools, updates, APIs & plugins are available. It’s just my tweaking nature.

I found 2 excellent resources for additional Twitter Tools, everything from standard API calls to WordPress Twitter Plugins. If you want to extend your Twitter, check out these pages for some great additions.

TWITTER TOOLBOX: 60+ Twitter Tools

Twitter Tools

Garry Conn does it again

Leave it to Garry Conn to come up with new ways to tell his readers some great tips. Garry has always had a very unique site with a direct style unmatched by anyone else on the Internet. As a reader there is hardly any doubt as to what Garry is telling you. If you want the straight scoop, you can count on him. And now Garry has started a new service where he will be supplying subscribers with Premium Grade tips.

To let everyone get a sampling of this Premium Content Garry posted his first article on his site yesterday and it is certainly worth the read, and I would highly recommend signing up for the full subscription to this service. The best place to start is with his latest post Top Quality Blogging Tips on PDF

And you can tell right off the bat that Garry is writing from his personal experience and knowledge, just look at the title “Blog Tips During Softball Practice“. As usual Garry never stops, he delivers great quality tips while sitting at his daughters Softball practice. Most of use have trouble concentrating with the office door closed and this guy is knocking out great tips while sitting at a softball field.

One of the keys to Garry’s success is his honesty. Garry will tell you the truth and back it up. And if he ever makes a mistake, or just changes his mind, he will not hesitate to let you know. And in this day and age, there is no better quality you can ask for from a Blogger. And Garry, you are a Premium blogger!

I am sure once you have read Garry’s article you will want to Digg It !!

Thanks Garry, and as always I look forward to your next post.