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Post Via Email On WordPress Blog

I have always been interested in this aspect of blogging but never took the time to slow down long enough to check it out.

This post is being accomplished using the Post via Email options in WordPress 2.51

I am toying with lots of ideas where this could be very beneficial and I
plan on writing up a detailed post on how to set this up easily on a
Wordpress blog.

Google Maps Real Estate

Last month Google released their Real Estate search functionality for Google Maps. The information is fed by Google Base.

At first this may seem to be a very limited structure since a lot of Real Estate Agents/Brokers do not post their listing to Google Base. However, the trend for the last few years is for Real Estate Agents to use systems that syndicate their listings to several sources including Google Base, so there are a lot of listings in the system. This will probably be a good catalyst in convincing more Real Estate Agents to use these syndication services.

Some comments have been made that having Real Estate listings so easy to find and research will hurt the individual agents, but I do not believe this will be the case. Real Estate Agents need their property listings in as many places as possible, and I can’t think of a better place than Google.

One of my favorite features is the ability to search for an address, and then view all the properties in the surrounding area that are for sale. The easiest way to do this is simply type in an address to the main Google search, once the results appear click on Maps, then select Real Estate from the Show Search Options link. Instantly you can see how many houses are for sale in the area with their respective prices and pictures. And if it is in one of the areas with street view you can get an idea of how the area looks in general.

Google provides a very nice overview for Real Estate Professionals to help them understand the benefits of using Google tools to help them @

Detailed information on how to utilize Google Base from the different Real Estate professions.

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