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Search the Web

One of the things that can be a little frustrating is working with people who really don’t understand the Internet and how to use it. But, at the same time working with these same people can be a real education if we pay attention to what they are doing. My wife likes to remind me that people do not use the Internet like I do, I have too much experience and actually know too much sometimes for my own good. And the bigger problem comes in when we as technicial specialists start getting a little to secure in our knowledge. Don’t forget we all started somewhere, and we did not always understand everything we now take for granted.

With all this rolling around in my head I am always amazed to watch people search the web. Take the election news of the past week, you can bet that a lot of people will type into a search engine. My guess is that someone just bought some domains and took a guess that McCain would pick Palin as his VP. But this choice could pay for a lot of specualtion that was wrong. If you go to it is basically a one page site with an ad at the top. I would love to know what the traffic has been on this site so far.

Emerging Media Specialist

Inspired by an ad I saw on Twitter for a Emerging Media Specialist I created a simple little web site that demonstrates how to show different media searches on one page seamlessly without having to reload any pages. With one search you get results for Video, Web, Twitter, News, Books and Images. The videos are presented by thumbnails on the page, and clicking on the thumbnails will launch a floating player on the page.

The site utilizes the Google AJAX Search API to put it all together and is a total of 2 pages, the index pages and a CSS stylesheet.

This is very similar to the CyberSearch located on this site, a matter of fact after I setup the Emerging Media Specialist site, I used the new CSS to enhance the CyberSearch page here.

Minimal WordPress Theme Download

The Minimal WordPress Theme can now be downloaded from here.

This is the theme I am running on this site.

I added a YouTube video hook on the Single post page. Instead of using a WordPress Plugin that would be an additional step I took my AJAX API Video plugin and incorporated it into the Functions file. Thanks to Chris Pearson for the inspiration for this idea.

By using the function file there is no need to have an additional Plugin to install. Whenever you write a post the single post page will automatically search YouTube for videos that match the title and put them in a horizontal bar under the post. These videos will play dynamically on the given page utilizing the Google AJAX VideoBar.

The Minimal WordPress Theme is excellent on Niche sites that focus on Search engine traffic. CelebrityRamble is one site that is already using the theme.

Make sure to change the Adsense to your account, and you can move the YouTube videos by relocating the ajaxapivideos() call

EDIT : This theme is also Widget Ready.

iGoogle Monitoring Social Networks

It seems sometimes the best solution is the easy one we overlooked. I have struggled to find the best way to monitor my social networks and communications. The 4 applications I have been trying to keep tabs on seamlessly are Twitter, FriendFeed, eMail (Gmail) and Google Talk.

I liked some of the 3rd party offerings such as Twhirl for Twitter, but I am tired of being tethered to my desktop with software and having all these different tones to announce a new Tweat, or a friend logging into GTalk.

Rediscovering iGoogle was the best thing that has happened for me.

With iGoogle I utilize several widgets to load each application and with one glance I can keep up with everything. Most of these widgets have options for amount of data and refreshing. Also, no more annoying bells and whistles.

The Widgets I am using are :

Twitter – BeTwittered Info : 32Hours
FriendFeed – FriendFeed Widget
GTalk – Gtalk Widget
Gmail – Gmail Widget

XML Parsing Error in WordPress

I have posted about this problem before, however, since the WordPress Automatic Plugin Updates (WPAU) have been working there is a new culprit for this bug. It appears to be somewhat of a random bug that occurs when you run an automatic upgrade on a plugin.

To catch this bug before it causes an unexpected problem you should check each plugin immediately after running an upgrade. Simply click the Edit button next to Deactivate, scroll to the very bottom of the file and make sure there is no whitespace at the end of the file. If there is whitespace, simply delete it, and save the plugin. See example images

If you do not check your plugins this bug can become a real pain. The main reason is that once it occurs you have no idea if it is in the WordPress PHP, Plugins or Theme files.

Reference Link : Search › xml parsing error