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WordPress Niche Guide eBook

Thanks to my good friend Garry Conn I have finally put together my eBook, “CyberCoders WordPress Niche Guide”

Over the last few years I have developed my routine for Niche Blogs and shared it with just a couple people. Now I want to share what I have learned with you.

Why? It’s actually pretty simple. I like coding a lot more than anything else, and since I am constantly helping people develop their Niche Blogs, I thought it would be easier to put it in the form of an eBook.

And since Garry and I have worked so well together, it seemed obvious to utilize our given skill sets, let Garry do the Marketing, and I will do the Coding. 

The product purchase includes the eBook, the Tag Theme and a private link to my Newsletter.

If you sign up for the eBook Newsletter I will send you any updates to this eBook that I publish along with News of upcoming eBooks.

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If you have any questions please drop a comment, or use my Contact page.

Keep It Simple

Most people have heard of the old KISS Principle, Keep It Simple Stupid.

The KISS Principle should also be modified for the Internet, here are some examples:

  • Keep It Simple Social (Networking)
  • Keep It Simple SEO
  • Keep It Simple SEM

One of the things I have noticed over the last few years is how so many people have complicated things, especially in the SEO and SEM markets. It is not rocket science, Keep It Simple works!

Some of the most popular destinations have a very simple design. Sure its cool to have videos and flash and all the latest widgets, but there is a fine line that can cross your site over to a cluttered mess.

The ironic thing to me is that some of the worst designs are those of the MSM (Main Stream Media). They are trying so hard to give you everything on the front page it becomes a useless mess of content that is not navigable.

Keep It Simple,  be social, leave comments, make organic links to things that are relevant to what you are discussing.  If you are concerned with SEO, start with a basic design, the more elements that have to be crawled through, the more chance you have of having searches miss the important content that you spent your time developing.


Keywords Help

Understanding keywords is essential to having success in driving traffic to your site.

The problem is usually that people see a hot topic and decide that is a great keyword. The most popular keywords are not always the best to use though. Sometimes it is better to dig a little deeper and find keywords that may not have the same volume of searches, and therefore do not have the high level of competition. It is very difficult to compete with keywords that get a million searches a month with the amount of other sites competing for the same keyword.

There are a lot of ways to go about digging up the best keywords. The manual process can be very time consuming. One of the tools I use is Micro Niche Finder (and yes that is an affiliate link).

Find what works for you best and stick with, but you can be sure that guessing is not the way to go.

Social Media in the Workplace

While doing research recently I kept coming across job postings for different Social Media positions with larger companies. In between the lines a couple things got my attention.

  1. Why does a Social Media person need to be in a Corporate office?
  2. Are we already painting ourselves into a corner with the term Social Media? 
  3. When will Social Media intersect with the local presence of a company?
Possible answers:
  1. I guess this could go both ways. Being in the office the person would know what was going on and have access to more information. On the other hand, if this is a large company with lots of locations, the corporate information might not be in tune with the local store (see #3 below).
  2. Social Media seems to already bring to mind certain Internet locations, such as FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter etc… Some companies are using the term Emerging Media and that seems to elicite a broader and continually growing area.
  3. Not sure exactly what I am thinking here, but I know what I read, see and hear online does not always match up very well in my local store. And the locals seem to be almost unaware that there is even an online presence that represents them.
And none of this even starts to scratch the surface of how smaller companies could take advantage of Social Emerging Media to help themselves.