Monthly Archives: October 2008

Gmail Canned Responses

Now this is a pretty useful addition to Gmail, Canned Responses.

If you find yourself answering the same question over and over in Gmail, you can just add a canned response and then set a filter to handle who the response gets delivered to automatically.

This is not the same thing as autoresponders, this is more fine tuned to a specific topic or person and not just an email address. Check out the blog post about it at New in Labs: Canned Responses

One thing I realized quickly, there is no obvious way to add a Canned Response?

You have to do it from a Reply window, once you activate it.

Select an email to reply to and there is a new option link to add a canned response.

Fix A WordPress Blog With One Click

Just as a foundation on a house is important to the rest of the structure and the longevity of the building, so is the foundation of a Blog. 

WordPress is a great foundation, however, sometimes we get that foundation messed up. If you have a WordPress Blog that is under performing, try this, set the WordPress Theme back to the Default. 

If your content is good, will readers quit reading something because it is not as pretty?

What about the search engines?

Maybe they are losing their way through all those little enhancements?

Or, try any other Minimal WordPress Theme, sometimes simple is just better.

WordPress Love and Hate

I am a big WordPress fan, of course some of that comes from me liking to do PHP coding and WordPress is a very open platform to work with leaving lots of room for coding creativity.

But if you watch this WordPress Twitter Search it seems every so often someone has a little spat with their WordPress installation. Like WordPress is picking on them personally or something, lol.

WordPress SEO vs Blogger SEO

A simple Tweet about WordPress SEO on Twitter sent me down this road.

After looking at the SERPS for WordPress SEO and a little keyword research I wondered if the results were similar for Blogger SEO?

They are not even close, WordPress SEO gets four times the searches than Blogger. Why is that?

Are WordPress users more aware of SEO or is Blogger just so good at it that people using that platform do not even worry about it?