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Google Chrome Pagerank

Google Chrome is an excellent browser, although to date it is missing several things that most people have come to expect as standard functions in their browsers.

One of these functions is the ability to see the Page Rank of a given page. This is almost ironic since Chrome and Page Rank are both from Google you would think they would have included this little nugget.

Thanks to Techie Buzz there is now an easy way to add Page Rank visibilty to your Chrome installation, just visit How To Check PageRank in Google Chrome? , follow the simple instructions, and Page Rank is now just a click to see.

View from a search spider

There is a big difference in what you see on your screen and what a search engine spider sees. There are a lot of things that a spider can not interpret like we do. Javascript, Images etc…

I have found it extremely beneficial to use a text browser to dissect a web page. Google recommends this approach on their Webmaster Help site under Webmaster Guidelines.

Try the Lynx text browser, and remember it is not about viewing pleasure, it is about testing a page. Although I remember the days where this is how we saw information, argghhh…..

TIP : One very helpful way to use Lynx is to put it on a thumb drive. It will run directly from there and you can take it with you to help your clients, friends and family with their sites.

VORD Web Design has a very nice Lynx download page to help get you started with Lynx, just follow the simple instructions and start seeing your pages in a whole new (old) light.

eBay Affiliate Program

I must say I have been pleasantly surprised by the eBay Affiliate program at ebayPartnerNetwork.

I had used eBay as an affiliate before but with very little success. And I have heard all sorts of stories about some of the eBay Scripts and plugins on WordPress sites being very troublesome and causing problems with search engine indexing. This is basically why I put together the Cybers Ebay WordPress Plugin. So far, I have been thrilled with the results.

One of the issues I see with other systems is that they are trying to make an entire site out of a script and that could spell trouble, very little content, and even less original content.

Using a WordPress Plugin for something like eBay gives you the chance to add a nice income stream to a site. It can also help to drive traffic if it does not smother the site with it’s pages.

If you have not tried the eBayPartnerNetwork I would highly recommend it regardless of what script you use.

Display Ads Only On Selected WordPress Posts

Every blog is a little different and has it’s own unique requirements. On some blogs we may want to place an ad on every post, on others we may not. A good example is this blog. There are a few posts that I make where I feel an ad is useful and lends itself to have a relevant contextual ad placed on the post.

There is a very simple way to handle this issue.

Yes, there are plugins available that handle all kinds of issues with ads, however, I just wanted an easy way of dealing with it, so here is what I came up with.

Two lines of code and using Custom Fields does the trick,

First I wrap my ads on the single page with this code.

if (get_post_meta($post->ID, ‘ads’, true)) {



This will cause ads to only show when there is a custom field named “ads” with a value of anything but 0. And once you have inserted the custom field you never have to add it again, just apply a value, and since this is a simple boolean expression, any value except 0 will cause the ads to display.


No Ad : Weekly CyberCoder Tweets for 2008-11-30

With Ad : Online Residual Income

You could go the other way and have the default show the ad, or include a couple statements to change the ad location, color or anything else you could think of. This is just a simple solution for a specific need and I hope it helps someone.

If you want more options using basically the same technique I would highly recommend this tutorial, How To Automatically Disable Ads On Selected Posts In WordPress.