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CyberTweets 2009-01-31

WordPress Blogroll Dropdown

Jill Salzman (momtrepreneur) asked me to create a dropdown blogroll for her blog to help cleanup a long list of bookmarks that she likes to share with her readers.

Here is an example of how the Blogroll Pulldown looks on her site.

Of course the first thing I always do is search for an existing WordPress Plugin or Function. While doing this search I came across The Information Gateway blog which has a post about just such a function to add a dropdown blogroll. I tried the code TIG has posted but there was a small problem with it, so I modified the code to get it working.

My revised code is available here, simply add the function to your themes function file, and make the appropriate call as outlined in the code.


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CyberTweets 2009-01-29

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  • @HighPeaksResort If Bull Durham is your #2 best baseball movie, what is #1 in your opinion? in reply to HighPeaksResort #
  • Stay out of the box, please….the box is a bad place to be….and the box and the Internet do not coexist well at all… #
  • @rosscarrel sshhhh, my age is going to really show if we talk about BBS and programming in basic,that was Web -2.0, lol…. in reply to rosscarrel #
  • @rosscarrel Hey I like that, makes me feel better, I am not an old guy, I am a pioneer, “yeah Johnny, thats it” in reply to rosscarrel #
  • I tried the whole Internet Marketing thing, but then decided to go back to making money #
  • Pandora just caused a severe flashback by playing In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida by Iron Butterfly #
  • RT @AlexSchleber “here is a a productivity tip for you: Love what you do, or do something else.” <- excellent way to put it in reply to AlexSchleber #
  • @whil hhhmm, trying to figure out is that was directed at me? good tip though in reply to whil #
  • @whil LOL, thanks, I must have worked with some of your past employees ! in reply to whil #
  • I think I reached the end of the Internet, time to start over, now where is the starting point? #
  • oops, thanks to Tweeting, I now rank in the SERPS for “women do get wooly”, ROFL, #
  • Trends I like, clicks down, sales up, more money, less work, now that is what I like to see, better focus #
  • New priority on the list for next 2 weeks, DO NOT FORGET Valentines Day, 3 ladies in the house, repeat after me, DO NOT FORGET Valentines.. #

CyberCoder Tweets 2009-01-28

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  • The Continuing Saga of Warner Music Group vs. YouTube #
  • @sodaeric There are a few plugins that would allow you to modify WordPress admin by role, example #
  • @SodaEric I did not try that Plugin, if you can not find a plugin, then you will probably have to code it or have it coded in reply to SodaEric #
  • And after last nights warm temperatures we are back to much cooler weather today, if these changes don’t make me sick, nothing will, lol #
  • All success comes from the benefit of helping others, if you are successful learning to put others first is a big key…. #
  • just went outside to find a light freezing rain, holy moly, cmon, either be winter, or NOT, I don’t care which one, just be ONE season… #
  • Sick of this -> “Just started up my new online biz…already making over $100 a day! look at this:” #
  • One of my favorite movie scenes….”Oh she may get wooly, women do get wooly, because of all the stress…” … ROFL #