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If you are looking for a community to discuss WordPress, I would highly recommend the new WordPress Group.

miio is a new Social Network with a rapidly growing community of people. It’s a lot easier on miio to find people with the same interest as you, and the WordPress Group is a great place to talk about any WordPress issues you may have.

For more information on miio I would recommend The Next Web miio review by Brad McCarty and / or the miio blog.

New Social Networking Site miio

If you like Social Networking, or fun new places, or great customer service, or getting somewhere before the big crowd, or….you get the picture, go to now.

While doing my morning reading on Saturday, Brad McCarty’s post at TNW grabbed my attention. Before I knew it I had spent several hours on miio. Yes I tend to be an early adopter, but I think miio will quickly move to the masses.

Read Brad’s post for a more in depth review, but take my advice and stop by miio and give it a test drive.

Pronounced meee oh, according to Richard Lusk CEO of miio

Location, Location, Location…

This has always been the mantra for brick and mortar businesses. Well, guess what, it’s the same for your business on the Internet. If you are in front of the right audience, you get traffic, and the opportunity for new business.

The difference on the Internet, Geo Location, Geo Location, Geo Location. And it is a lot easier to make this happen than with actual real estate. This is why I am still surprised at small businesses not jumping on these systems

Two recommendations. Put your business on Google Places and Foursquare. Both are free and simple. Now how does it get any easier than that?

If you are in Google Places, when anyone uses Google Maps to locate a business, and you match the search criteria, your listing will appear. I can not tell you how many times I have found a great restaurant, coffee shop or other business using this technique. Whenever I travel I use Google Maps, and I have found some great places to stop such as The Horse’s Mouth Bookstore and Coffee Shop in Buffalo, Texas (link is example of Google Map listing). I just wanted a good cup of coffee, and thanks to THM being listed on Google Places I found this great little coffee shop.

Foursquare is a little different, and it is catching on fast. Foursquare mixes Geo Location, Social Media and a gaming element to make it one of the most popular new applications available. If you don’t add your business someone else will. While this is not a bad thing, I would rather be ahead of the curve. As a business owner you can all add incentives for people to visit your business by offering specials to frequent visits. You can also offer tips, like specials and selected recommended items.

Examples :

With these systems being free, and really simple to join, what are you waiting for?