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My real name is David, although I have more virtual friends than friends I know personally, and to the majority of these friends I am simply CyberCoder.

The name was created as an Xbox Gamertag when the Xbox Live service first became available. From there it just seem to morph into everything I did online.

In The Beginning

I started working with computers in 1985 when I bought a Tandy 1000. My life has never been the same, I was hooked from day one. I found a book that had games written in Basic that you could type in, save and play. Of course I immediately had to test my curiosity and start changing the code to see how things worked.

In 1992 I spent most of the year undergoing chemotherapy and had a lot of time at home with nothing to do, and not a lot of energy to do anything. I decided to make a directory of all the BBS systems I could find. For you newcomers, BBS (Bulletin Board Systems) were the precursor to the Internet for geeks. You could load up a BBS software system and attach a modem and let others dial in. I had a printed copy of over 20,000 BBS systems in the USA that were in use.

Since 1999 I have been working as an independent contractor and consultant. My main focus has been web development revolving around databases. I moved from ASP programming to PHP in 2002-2003. This change opened a lot of doors to new work and tools including WordPress.

I also have a Non Technical personal blog located at DCooley.com

more to come…..

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