Amazon Simple Store in PHP with Mandatory Signed Requests

Several years ago I used Amazon software for a lot of sites. But after they changed their authentication there was a lack of documentation and I lost interest in trying to fix the old code. I kept going back to their site and forums to see if anyone had ever fixed their Simple Store example which was an excellent spring board into understanding the code. Unfortunately there was never a resolution, and the last comment on the product page was from July 2010 stating that it still does not work.

For some unknown reason this product came back into my vision over the past weekend and the pieces fell into place to resolve the problems.

So I have modified the original and fixed the problem with the mandatory signed request.

A working copy can be seen at CyberCoder Amazon Store

It can be downloaded from Amazon Simple Store in PHP with Mandatory Signed Requests , I do charge a $9.95 fee to download from my site. And yes, I know, everything should be free, but some of us have to make an income from our work.




6 thoughts on “Amazon Simple Store in PHP with Mandatory Signed Requests

  1. hi been reading your blog posts and you have already helped me with a few wordpress problems thank you. about the CyberCoder Amazon Store. does this only work if the product is already on amazon?

  2. hi david … i just bought the script and wanted to thank you for the fix. I wasted a lot of time trying to make the amazon script work … luckily came across your $10 solution and it works like a beauty.

    u rock dude !

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