Blogging is like Golf

I have always loved teaching analogies, so I thought I would share one.

I have decided Blogging is like Golf. I used to play Golf a lot, and I was never that good. I even had a PGA Teaching pro as a neighbor, and he could not improve my game, lol.

My problem was simple, I tried to hard. Hitting a Golf ball is not like a lot of people think. The harder you try to hit the ball, the worse the result will be. I had this proven to me when I had Hodgkins Disease (also known as Hodgkins Cancer) . While doing Chemotherapy I decided to try and play golf. I was extremely weak, but I wanted to play golf, probably more for the feeling of doing something normal than it was anything else. Doing Chemotherapy just crushed my self confidence.

I had one of my best scores ever. Why? Well, I could not over swing and the result was a smooth clean swing without the power to try and kill the ball.

Blogging is just like this. Quit trying to hit the 300 yard drive with every post. Settle down, swing natural.

When you try to hard it shows. It may not be obvious, but it is there. The best bloggers may not be the best writers, but they are the ones that make you feel comfortable. They are blogging with a smooth stroke. Not pushing the issue, not trying to show you how smart they are, just blogging naturally.

Just like in Golf, try hitting it straight down the middle, instead of trying to hit the monster drive that ends up in the lake!

I hope my analogy examples help with the Blogging Tips, let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

7 thoughts on “Blogging is like Golf

  1. Well said!

    My most popular posts and spontaneous ones, not the ones I spend 3 hours researching and editing over and over again to sound how I want.

    I think most of the a-listers have a tremendous passion for what they write about and it shows in their writing, even if it isn’t all spelled correctly.

  2. -Kyle, thanks, that is the reason this post popped into my head. Some of the best responses I have received have been on the spontaneous posts.

    And you are on the money about the passion factor.

  3. That’s a great analogy. I try to hard now and end up killing myself trying to produce perfection. Thinking about it now I guess I enjoy blogs the most when I feel comfortable and can “get” what the author is trying to say.

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  5. Hey David!

    I agree with you fully. Maybe it has to do with being natural. Trying too hard can take the fun out of things, and if you are doing something that isn’t fun you will not do it as well. I am a bit of a paranoid perfectionist, and in the last months I have been “relaxing” more, not taking things too seriously. It helps to get more work done because you don’t worry as much, and it takes stress of my back!

    Best regards,

  6. Love your analogy!

    Actually, its kind of funny. When I started out blogging in 2004, the Blogspot days :), it was more spontaneous than it’s now in 2010. Now I seem to be more conscious about what I must write or say as it reaches out to many more people today. But when it comes to blogs, I think I still enjoy those days of spontaneous outbursts!

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