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Failure Configuring Windows Updates on Windows 7

This morning I had a notice to Install Updates on Shut Down for my Windows 7 machine.

Once I rebooted I would receive the error “Failure Configuring Windows Updates”. This seemed to be an infinite loop as I tried to restart the machine several times to configure the updates.

There are 2 steps I took to resolve the issue easily.

  • Remove any memory cards from the built in card reader.
  • Initiate the update manually from the Control Panel -> All Control Panel Items -> Action Center

This solved the problem immediately and the system was updated and configured correctly

Google One Pass Micropayment

Google announced their new One Pass Micropayment system today. The new system allows publishers to offer different payment methods for content. The system will give readers the ability to access digital content on different platforms such as websites and mobile phones with one login.

Publishers can choose to use subscriptions, metered access, freemium and sinlge articles.

The system is supposed to streamline the process by keeping up with all the necessary components from login, authentication through the checkout process via Google Checkout.

This looks very interesting and I tried to signup. However the signup is currently not working and just cycles through to a websearch form.

Link : Official Google Blog : One Pass Micropayment

Here is the video from Google explaining the system.

Being a Website Mechanic

It is a niche I really did not plan on, but it is probably the best description of what I do on a daily basis. Thanks to the SoloBizCoach for pointing that out during one of our chats.

Using the term mechanic invariably brings to mind a car mechanic, and a website mechanic is very similar. If you want your car to look better you take it to a body shop, but if you want it to run better, tune it up, or fix something you take it to a mechanic. And that is the same situation here. If you want graphics or a slick looking website, I should not be your first choice to help you. However, if something is not working right, or you want to tune it up, I can usually help you.

In just the last week I have converted a couple of static sites to WordPress, repaired a slow loading blog, fixed a site that was not loading properly and several other small “mechanic” tasks for others. I also do a lot of custom stuff. Here is a good post from WayneJohn explaining some Twitter API work we were both involved in.

Remember, there is nothing wrong with needing help. A lot of the people who call on me are excellent bloggers and designers, but we each have our skill set and we need to know our limitations. Trust me, if I want some hot graphics I am going to call on someone else to help me out.

A key to success is being able to know when you need help and utilize other peoples skills to advance your work.

Port your existing mobile number to Google Voice

I can see where this is might be a great option if you move. I recently moved but have been hesitant to change my number. I need to change to my current area code, and at the same time I need to keep the old number. Using Google Voice number porting I could do both.