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Don’t Expose Your Client’s Email Address

This is a common mistake I see particularly with small businesses.

If you send an email and you put all the recipients in the TO: field you expose all the emails addresses to everyone on the list. Although you hopefully do not have any clients that would use this information maliciously it is also considered bad etiquette, and Netiquette (Internet etiquette)

The easy solution is to put an address in the TO: field that you own, and then BCC (Blind CC) the rest of the recipients therefore keeping the email addresses hidden from each other.


Classic Rock WordPress Blog For Sale

Website for sale!

It is a WordPress blog about Classic Rock.

The domain is 4 years old  and has a Google Page Rank of 3. It needs some work as it gets 1,000 visitors a month.

I am cleaning house and I would like to find it a new home as I just do not have time for it anymore. If you are interested you can contact me via my contact form and I will be glad to give you more information and the link.


Google Instant Search Changes

The new Google Instant is a big change.

One thing I have noticed is that you can not have Google Instant turned on and set your default setting to display more than 10 search results at one time. I have had mine set to 100 search results for as long as I can remember. The settings page will let you select 100, but when you turn on Instant, the page will only show 10.

Google Instant does not really impact most of my searches since I typically do not load the Google home page to search. I do most of my” googling”  from the address bar within Chrome. And it will be interesting to see if they change this functionality.

It will also be interesting to see how it changes the search terms that people use. There are already a lot of conversations about Google Instant killing SEO.  I certainly think it has the capability of changing SEO dramatically, but, as long as there are search engines, there will be ways to optimize for them.

New CyberCoded Micro Messaging site

I have installed microblogging software on to have a place to share and connect with anyone who has comments or questions about the topics I cover here in a private setting.

This includes but is not limited to WordPress, PHP, SEO, Social Media and Online Income.

The system is closed to the public and is by invitation only, so if you would like to join, please drop me a note via my Contact Form with your email address and I will send you an invitation.

I look forward to seeing you there!

New Namecheap Twitter Contest

Namecheap is at it again. Hosting a new Twitter Contest called Namecheap Bored at Work and Back to School Riddle Me This Contest!.

Namecheap is giving away 3 MacBook Pro, 1 Apple iPad, or 1 Amazon Kindle.

The contest is very similar to their past contests. This time the contest is made of riddles instead of trivia questions. Each hour they post a Riddle and you respond with the answer. Each hour they give away 5 domain registration credits to their system.

To participate, follow the rules at their Namecheap Contest page and join in the fun.