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Google +1 in Wrong Place?

I signed up for the experimental Google +1 search at the first chance. At first it looks like a good idea, then after doing some organic searches I realized that with the +1 being on Google Search results it is actually in the wrong place.

Let’s say you do a search for Acoustic Guitar Pickups, and the search results give you the first 10 results. Now, are you going to click +1 here? Why would you, you have not seen the site yet. So, let’s say you go to the first result and it is perfect match for what you needed. Will you go back and click the +1? Probably not. And if you went to a page and it was a bad match, you would go back and check out another listing, but once again, you would not have a reason to click the +1.

Until +1 is on an actual page it is really not very helpful.

Being on the search results page it is almost guaranteed that most the clicks on the +1 icon will be people trying to game their own results. This will only help once Google adds the +1 to their signals to rank pages, which is not in place yet.

So, is +1 useless as it stands right now?


How To Post On Facebook Page As Myself

With the new Facebook Page layout we can finally post or comment on a page with our personal account, or with the page account. Before this change you could only post or comment on a Fan page as the page itself.

To switch between accounts, click on the Account pulldown box at the top left of your page, from here you can select “Use Facebook as Page”, or “Switch back” to your personal account.

You do have to be careful, if you do not switch back your profile you may find yourself posting via the wrong account.

One of the extra benefits to this is that you can now see who has liked your page last.

If you login to one of your Fan Pages at the top left there are icons for Likes and Notifications, if anyone has liked your page since the last time you were logged into the page you can click the Like icon and see who the new members are.

Facebook Messages

Facebook Messages will not replace email as a whole, but it does have the potential to help Facebook become a much larger player in messaging. Even before this new release I had several people that I communicated with only on Facebook, and I see more and more of this as we move forward.

The biggest benefit I see with the new Facebook Messages is the history for each conversation. Having a threaded history makes it much easier to keep up with a conversation without having to search through email for things that have been discussed in the past.

I also like the Other folder with the new Facebook Messages to filter out non critical or non important messages.

You can also send and receive images and texts from the interface which I think has a major impact on the younger generations as a lot of them simply use texting in lieu of email.

New CyberCoded Micro Messaging site

I have installed microblogging software on to have a place to share and connect with anyone who has comments or questions about the topics I cover here in a private setting.

This includes but is not limited to WordPress, PHP, SEO, Social Media and Online Income.

The system is closed to the public and is by invitation only, so if you would like to join, please drop me a note via my Contact Form with your email address and I will send you an invitation.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Did Twitter Really Switch to OAuth?

I am still seeing Tweets being posted “from API” and I can not see how this is possible using OAuth on Twitter.

Basic authentication was to be turned off and only applications using OAuth should be working as of August 31, 2010.

A Twitter Application using OAuth has to have a name, and this name is what will show in the “from” portion of a Tweet.

When using Basic Authentication the Tweet would show “from API” unless you set the “from” explicitly.

So, is Basic Authentication still working with Twitter?