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Twitter Recommends I Follow Me

I had never given it much thought, but Twitter recommends I should follow myself. I guess it makes sense.

  • I have similar tastes as me
  • I follow the same type people as me
  • People who follow me, might also be following me. (will this cause paranoia)
  • I should keep up with what I am doing
  • When I traveled a lot I once thought I passed myself in an airport terminal.


Twitter Recommends I Follow Me

Your Own Branded Twitter Interface

Did you know you can build your own custom Twitter interface?

Since Twitter changed to 100% OAuth support you are now required to have a Twitter Application to post to Twitter. This can be seen with how a lot of the WordPress plugins work, which now require you to setup an application and save your OAuth keys so that they can post to Twitter.

You can do the same thing in a stand alone application and add functionality specific to your needs.

There are several benefits including but not limited to, having your link and name appear at the bottom of each Tweet as seen below.

You can also write custom routines to help you issue better Tweets.

I did this on my own Twitter App page with my Follow Friday Tweets.

I always hated the FollowFriday Tweets that are just several links to other people with no explanation of why I would want to follow them. So I built a routine where I can input the persons Twitter name, a reason to follow them and the result will always be the same formatted Tweet.

Each Tweet has the #FollowFriday hashtag followed by the referenced account and an explanation as to why I recommend them, and finally the #ff hastag to end the Tweet.

I also included several other features to make Twitter easier. I have a regular post box where I can write a Tweet and I created a Javascript bookmark for auto posting.

When I am on any web page I click Auto Post, and a Tweet is created and sent that has the Title of the page as the body of the Tweet, and a shortened link is included to the page. And of course they are branded with my link for each Tweet.

If you have a little time and programming help, I would highly recommend using a custom branded Twitter strategy.

Think outside the box!

Every little bit of exposure and linking helps !

New Namecheap Twitter Contest

Namecheap is at it again. Hosting a new Twitter Contest called Namecheap Bored at Work and Back to School Riddle Me This Contest!.

Namecheap is giving away 3 MacBook Pro, 1 Apple iPad, or 1 Amazon Kindle.

The contest is very similar to their past contests. This time the contest is made of riddles instead of trivia questions. Each hour they post a Riddle and you respond with the answer. Each hour they give away 5 domain registration credits to their system.

To participate, follow the rules at their Namecheap Contest page and join in the fun.

Did Twitter Really Switch to OAuth?

I am still seeing Tweets being posted “from API” and I can not see how this is possible using OAuth on Twitter.

Basic authentication was to be turned off and only applications using OAuth should be working as of August 31, 2010.

A Twitter Application using OAuth has to have a name, and this name is what will show in the “from” portion of a Tweet.

When using Basic Authentication the Tweet would show “from API” unless you set the “from” explicitly.

So, is Basic Authentication still working with Twitter?

Twitter Authentication Switch to OAuth

If you use any API calls to Twitter you have until June 30th to make the switch to OAuth from Basic Authentication.

It will be interesting to see how this changes the data flow in and out of Twitter. See Twitter Blog: Switching to OAuth

Until recently I was still seeing a lot of Tweets being posted “from API”. Based on everything I have read these calls will quit working on June 30th.

I know from experience that making a call with the Basic Authentication from the API was a lot easier than connecting via OAuth. There are probably a lot of people that could make the API work but will struggle with the OAuth functionality. However, a lot of other Social Networking applications are now using OAuth and learning that technology will be very beneficial across the Social Graph.

So if you have not made the change yet, you only have 2 weeks left to get it done without interrupting your Twitter data flow.