CyberCoder Minimal WordPress Theme

There are probably thousands of WordPress Themes available. The building of this Minimal WordPress Theme was the result of multiple ideas.

I believe sometimes the best things, are the simple things. And, while teaching others how to put together their WordPress Themes I noticed that the Themes are getting complicated and adding to their frustration as they began to learn about the theme processes.

Sometimes we over design things and take away from the content itself. And if you wonder about search engines, they can’t see design anyway.

I prefer fluid width for any website or blog. Most of the Minimal WordPress Themes I found were fixed width and therefore not in line with what I wanted to work with.

So here it is.

  • Minimal styling.
  • 2 Column – Variable Width
  • Simple page structures.
  • Added YouTube VideoBar functions
  • The Minimal WordPress Theme can now be downloaded from here.

    If you are interested in keeping up with the development of this theme it is being maintained at