CyberCoder Tweets 2009-01-26

  • CyberCoder Tweets 2009-01-25 #
  • The Granada Theater & CD World #
  • RT @mashable Diggin: “White House 2.0 – Social Media & Transparency in Government ” #
  • like else in life, seems it is either “feast or famine” on coding projects, especially helping others with WordPress, very busy again….. #
  • Super Bowl = 5 hour pregame, 2 hours of opinions, big halftime, oh yeah, and all the new commercials, and the bonus is a football game ….. #
  • 6 days to go and we have to start thinking about Super Bowl ads, the real heart of the Super Bowl, lol #
  • @pandora_radio I probably ovelooked this feature, is there anyway to thumbs down an artist so that they will never play on your station? in reply to pandora_radio #

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