CyberCoder Tweets 2009-01-27

  • CyberCoder Tweets 2009-01-26 #
  • California Guitar Trio #
  • Ever realized you have just gone the wrong way, just cruising along, having a good old time, but the wrong direction, HOLY MOLY ! #
  • @jarret A Task? I wish I could ever just perform a task, it is more like multi tasking each task while performing multiple tasks, lol… in reply to jarret #
  • Remember Bugs Bunny, “I must have taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque”, I did that on the Internet 6 months ago… #
  • @alexreif I test a lot of different things, If someone has an idea, I will test it, I basically forgot to change some sites back from a test in reply to alexreif #
  • @alexreif Well catch me for a chat when you can, that time difference between Mississippi and Italy is hard to work sometimes in reply to alexreif #
  • this weather is crazy, freezing and had the fireplace cranked up this weekend, and now we have the windows open and the ceiling fans on… #

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