CyberCoder Tweets 2009-01-28

  • CyberCoder Tweets 2009-01-27 #
  • The Continuing Saga of Warner Music Group vs. YouTube #
  • @sodaeric There are a few plugins that would allow you to modify WordPress admin by role, example #
  • @SodaEric I did not try that Plugin, if you can not find a plugin, then you will probably have to code it or have it coded in reply to SodaEric #
  • And after last nights warm temperatures we are back to much cooler weather today, if these changes don’t make me sick, nothing will, lol #
  • All success comes from the benefit of helping others, if you are successful learning to put others first is a big key…. #
  • just went outside to find a light freezing rain, holy moly, cmon, either be winter, or NOT, I don’t care which one, just be ONE season… #
  • Sick of this -> “Just started up my new online biz…already making over $100 a day! look at this:” #
  • One of my favorite movie scenes….”Oh she may get wooly, women do get wooly, because of all the stress…” … ROFL #

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