CyberCoder Tweets for 2009-01-19

  • Winter NAMM WrapUp #
  • @DrBlogstein Glad I could help, and good to see GoDaddy finally resolved the problem in reply to DrBlogstein #
  • The Mobile Inauguration #
  • Happy Birthday to Edgar Allan Poe, always amazed at his work, and he died at the age of 40, #
  • Arizona Cardinals memorabilia is gonna be hot now ! #
  • Built my own Twitter Input so I do not have to log in anywhere to send a Tweet, just type and go ! #
  • @iamkhayyam you need to follow me so I can respond to your DM in reply to iamkhayyam #
  • @b_e_creative Curious how you came up with the name “Blind Eye Creative”? in reply to b_e_creative #
  • @datter I host a lot of sites on Dreamhost, overall happy with their system and service. in reply to datter #
  • @b_e_creative You described me,blinded in RT eye at age 13, artist, musician, coder, right brain controlled, never put it together like that in reply to b_e_creative #
  • @datter I just compared your DB Blog load to some of my Dreamhost sites, yours is slow, I would check WordPress Plugins first #
  • @b_e_creative I think you have something there, that would be interesting study, but those are facts you are applying, makes sense… in reply to b_e_creative #
  • @BrentDPayne If you are referencing Webmaster Tools verified, the easy solution is to use the file, it is the same for an entire account in reply to BrentDPayne #
  • @BrentDPayne Ouch, well I can see where that is coming from, I always believe there is an automated way to do anything, lol, good luck in reply to BrentDPayne #
  • Long evening ahead, going to replace interior door handle on my Silverado, then work on some bids, then work on a site for an association #
  • One project down, 2 to go, took less than an hour to remove and replace interior door handle on my Silverado, rivet was a pain, otherwise ok #
  • going down, another long day, but it looks like I got most of the scheduled work done #
  • Say Good Night CyberCoder #

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