CyberCoder Twitter Updates for 2008-10-14

  • Internet Marketing Sales Pages #
  • @garryconn you found your way to a computer tonight? Typing with one hand because the other one has a Corona in it? #
  • just added a cool little feed bar across the top of my page #
  • @momofteenstwit2 Did you get your WordPress help you needed? #
  • built site in 15 minutes, indexed in 4 days for one of it’s keyword terms, I think that is pretty good start…… #
  • @AllynPaul and I promise, I did exactly what I showed in the videos, nothing more #
  • @AllynPaul lets see, 15 minutes a site, multiply by 2 weeks, that would be….960 sites, if you took the weekends off, rofl #
  • seems most people are making things more difficult on themselves than it needs to be when it comes to online income? Just can’t see why. #
  • @golftrainer I think the first line says it …”Golfers want the silver bullet to longer drives.”, and they want it without any work, lol… #
  • thinking about building blogs for other people, especially since I can not write, lol, I just can not quit making them, like an addiction #
  • @tapps permalink looks good, the more tag is questionable #

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