CyberCoder Twitter Updates for 2008-10-15

  • @iDeeDee whiskey sour #
  • @austincurtis I pretty much stick to WordPress unless I am just doing a parked site or something like that #
  • CyberCoder Twitter Updates for 2008-10-14: Internet Marketing Sales Pages #
    .. #
  • @danzarrella Minimal WordPress Theme #
  • @danzarrella If you want to start a WordPress Theme from scratch, I have an empty theme available #
  • @danzarrella default is where most start, I never have liked fixed width, so I started from scratch to make fluid width, lot of fun to do #
  • @SeanMSweeney Change .entry-meta starting on line 97, change font size from 1.2 to something like .5 #
  • has been having some great contact with people on Twitter, thanks to all you Twits! #
  • @MaAnnaS Your welcome, hope it helps ! #
  • @writersinthesky I am thinking about hiring a writer, I went to your site and can not find the match I need, will you discuss other options? #
  • @MaAnnaS Great, keep me posted on your progress ! #
  • Using Twitter to Follow a Topic: I seem to be using Twitter more these days, and Google Reader less. T.. #
  • @writersinthesky Great, let me switch this over to email, thanks for responding #
  • National Grouch Day ? Really? #

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