CyberTweets 2009-01-29

  • CyberCoder Tweets 2009-01-28 #
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  • @HighPeaksResort If Bull Durham is your #2 best baseball movie, what is #1 in your opinion? in reply to HighPeaksResort #
  • Stay out of the box, please….the box is a bad place to be….and the box and the Internet do not coexist well at all… #
  • @rosscarrel sshhhh, my age is going to really show if we talk about BBS and programming in basic,that was Web -2.0, lol…. in reply to rosscarrel #
  • @rosscarrel Hey I like that, makes me feel better, I am not an old guy, I am a pioneer, “yeah Johnny, thats it” in reply to rosscarrel #
  • I tried the whole Internet Marketing thing, but then decided to go back to making money #
  • Pandora just caused a severe flashback by playing In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida by Iron Butterfly #
  • RT @AlexSchleber “here is a a productivity tip for you: Love what you do, or do something else.” <- excellent way to put it in reply to AlexSchleber #
  • @whil hhhmm, trying to figure out is that was directed at me? good tip though in reply to whil #
  • @whil LOL, thanks, I must have worked with some of your past employees ! in reply to whil #
  • I think I reached the end of the Internet, time to start over, now where is the starting point? #
  • oops, thanks to Tweeting, I now rank in the SERPS for “women do get wooly”, ROFL, #
  • Trends I like, clicks down, sales up, more money, less work, now that is what I like to see, better focus #
  • New priority on the list for next 2 weeks, DO NOT FORGET Valentines Day, 3 ladies in the house, repeat after me, DO NOT FORGET Valentines.. #

2 thoughts on “CyberTweets 2009-01-29

  1. B, I can understand that, and I appreciate your comment.

    I will explain for others though. I am not much of a writer actually, I spend most of my time helping others, and most of what I say is on Twitter these days, so it seems like the best way to post what I say.

    I intend to post more content here in the near future, as soon as my work slows down long enough for me to do so.

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