Diversify Online Income

If there is one thing that the real online income makers know, it is how to diversify their income streams. At the most basic level it should be obvious that if you only have a single main income stream online you are putting yourself at risk of having that stream dry up like a desert in an instance.

The other fact about online income diversification is that most people who are preaching and teaching how to make money online have other income streams that are not visible to their user base. This is not a derogatory statement, just a fact. Remember the old saying “I taught him everything he knows, I just did not teach him everything I know”, and why should they?

Don’t expect all income streams to be equal, each system just needs to be available and working. Remember,  not all systems work for all people. This is just simple logic, we are not all the same and do not have the same skill sets and personalities. 

My recommendation to anyone trying to make money online is to get something started and then begin looking for other avenues. And as you test other options do not pile all income streams on the same site!

The first 4 obvious choices most people see are:

  • Google Adsense
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Yahoo Publisher Network
And beyond those 4 there are probably only another couple thousand ways to make money online!

3 thoughts on “Diversify Online Income

  1. Hi, David:

    It is absolutely crucial to diversify and to always be tweaking and finding what works best for you.

    As you said we all have different skill sets and just because i maybe a whiz at Adsense, doesn’t mean you will be. Or vice versa.

    And with big G being so terribly fickle, it is never a good idea to have just that income stream. Very dangerous.

    On a sidenote: Glad to know another fellow Mississipian. I’m from a tiny town called Winona, next to Grenada and Greenwood. Moved down here from the Windy City two years ago with roommate who runs a local restaurant in town.

    Hit me up anytime on Twitter or my blog.


  2. Missy, Welcome to the site, and to Mississippi. I have been in Mississippi for 12 years now. May have to visit Winona, wife and I are always looking for restaurants and towns to review!

    Big G fickle? Now there is an understatement, lol.

  3. Lowering the risks thru diversification is a must and in my humble opinion it should be extended also to hosting and registrars.

    The advantage of having more than one host is also that, as the number of domains which you own grows, you can interlink them and having different IP’s make seem your personal network more “natural” to the search engines.

    To your list of income streams I add:
    – selling other products
    – selling your own products (strange you don’t mentioned this 😉 )
    – affiliate networks like Pepperjam, Market Leverage CJ etc.
    – Paid reviews


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