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I think this has to be the number one way to know that you own too many domain names, or you are just a real geek.

You get an idea for a Domain Name, and that leads you to do a Domain Names Search.

In the process you find out that the Domain Name is already owned, which really brings you down, until you look at the whois record and realize that you already own it.

Please tell me that someone else has had this happen to them, please…..

6 thoughts on “Domain Names Search

  1. Thank you, I was really worried I was the only one who had ever done that.

    I never thought I would not know all the domain names I owned, lol.

  2. That is brilliant!

    I own about 10 unused names and have trouble remembering them. Actually that just reminds me I must work out if and how I can sell them as that was the original purcpose.

    Hopefully I won’t end up buying them off myself

  3. LOL

    No, altough I own several with which I still haven’t done anything (…damned procrastination).

    BUT If it happened to you, it should be a VERY interesting domain name: start doing something with it !


  4. hehe…that’s too funny, David. While that hasn’t happened to me, I have been known to login to my control panel at my registrar and discover I had domain names there that I forgot I purchased.

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