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  1. Hi David,

    i finally found the time to watch the video (I in office before): it’s awesome !

    I’ve also to go and check Yahoo Pipes, I’ve never used it before.

    Keep me up to date with the progress of this project.


  2. Hi David,

    I watched your demovideo yesterday evening and incubated it during the night.
    Now I just waked up and wanted to play a little bit around: I’ve tested to type in some keywords of my interest in YOUR url (just like you did in the video) and boy: THAT’S FANTASTIC !!!

    I want it asap !

  3. HI David,

    right now I’m playing around with Yahoo Pipes: I’m REALLY impressed !!!

    The interface is so easy and it’s really fun. It is similar to making mindmaps with MindManager.

    I must really make compliments for your videos: english is not my native language, but you have a very clear pronunciation and also your speaking pace is excellent (I don’t loose a word), and the renderings are also great.

    How do you do these zoom in and out?

    Do you use Camtasia ?


  4. Alex: I too just implemented the Yahoo pipes idea. It definitely simplified things for me.

    David: As for the dynamic pages, I have some things I’d like to actually discuss with you about that. When is the best time for me to catch you?


  5. So this is a bit off topic, however, you know i just changed my theme for my site and i have been looking around to see if this has any direct impact on traffic to your site. This is what i have found…

    Problogger on themes.

    As you read the post you will run across a section that discusses key points to making your readership improve using WordPress themes. The main thing that caught my eye right off the bat is the section by Sarah Lewis…

    So here are my questions, and they could very well be amateur questions so I do apologize.

    1)What are Adsense Start and End tags?
    2)Is it really the theme it self or is it the way the robots read the content? Or both?

    Just a few thoughts… let me know

  6. -TheYoungGuy, the Adsense sectioning is discussed here, it can help but I think it is secondary to the other item Sarah Lewis mentions about how your theme is being read by the bots. I am working on post about this now.

  7. David,

    Are there any advantages with the search engine in Google using the Dinopage?
    I mean, if I search for a keyword in Google, will the blog show up on all of the search?
    How will it work ranking wise?

    Let me know if my questions make sense!


  8. -Francesco, The advantage are that you have a lot more relevant content to be searched. This has been the basis of most my sites for well over a year with great results. I rank very well in Google, and I use the nofollow tag on the results so that I am not passing page rank. A dynamic page is exactly what Technorati and other services are using. If you have a WordPress site, you can use the DynoPage system.

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