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Entrecard is a fairly new free exchange network. As usual I was skeptical at first, but after doing a little research it looked like it would be worth a trial run.

I like to try things and most of the social networking / link exchanging systems have done nothing for me. I tried BlogRush and was highly disappointed. I am still running Scratchback, but it appears to be headed towards File 13 also.

I installed Entrecard yesterday and started researching their site. I have been very happy with the results in the last 24 hours. I have seen at least 50 visitors directly from the Entrecard system. My RSS and Newsletter subscribers have also increased, and I can tell at least on the Newsletter subscribers that these new members are directly related to being on Entrecard.

Darren Rowse did an Interview with Entrecard’s Graham Langdon and it is obvious that Graham is paying attention to what bloggers need and want. Hopefully he can make the necessary changes and updates to keep the majority of people happy. Graham also has a good sense of humor.

Based on some comments I have seen by Graham he is also acutely aware of the fact that you can not please all the people all the time, and you have to know where to draw the lines on making changes.

As usual, I had to do something a little different. As a way to thank those Entrecard members who stop by , in the left sidebar there is a link to Entrecard Dropped Cards, these are the last 10 dropped cards here on CyberCoder.net using a custom WordPress Page Template. I would also like to thank Mark Sierra @ meandmydrum.com for the information and opinions on EntreCard.

I plan on giving Entrecard a full 30 day evaluation and I will report again on the results.

12 thoughts on “Entrecard Review

  1. I recently installed it and found a great influx of visitors initially but then it tailed off.

    I am saving up my credits though so that I can go straight for the jugular and advertise on one of the big traffic sites.

  2. -Forest, I am seeing similar action as you describe. The one thing that will probably keep me plugged in for a bit is the speed and interface.

    Most social sites just move too fast for me, this one is different and I have found a bunch of great new blogs to read.

  3. I’ve been half-reading about this scheme for a while now, but this is the first time I’ve got a proper idea of what’s going on with it, so thanks for that David!

    I’m going to give it a go in the next few days, it certainly seems to be better than these previous schemes you mentioned.

  4. EntreCard is growing quickly but I’m worried it will burn itself out unless Graham manages to monetize the traffic for bloggers. Its biggest hurdle is that the traffic generated is other bloggers trying to drop cards. This is the modern form of spamming.

    In the sense that it generates traffic EntreCard works, no doubt there (at least initially). As far as being of value in terms of users and bloggers alike, I’m very skeptical.

    Personally I’m a bigger fan of content linking. It brings better users increasing CTR as well as traffic. Remember 1% increase in CTR is worth hundreds of users. Link your blog with similar pages (the core of Arkayne) and you’ll get better page rank and CTR.

    For The Curious: Arkayne.com

  5. Paul, Interesting thoughts, however, when I clicked on your link, all I got was an error?

    Arkayne.com = Internal Server Error

  6. as DH I just started out with Entrecard. Like the concept, right now I am a bit frustrated because the constant timeouts of the dashboard do not even allow me to approve my first ads… 😉

    Hope that will change, otherwise I really love it.


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