FireFox Still Preferred Over Internet Explorer

According to several sources Internet Explorer continues to have major security holes and the fixes seem to be coming too late if at all. While Microsoft drags their feet, you can expect FireFox and Safari to continue gaining market share.

I have preferred FireFox for a long time now, mainly for the great add ons that really help in development and programming, and nothing has sold me on going back to Internet Explorer.

The surprising fact to me is how many people still use Internet Explorer over these other quality browsers, but that goes to show the power of having pre-installed software on computers. Most people fire it up, and use what is there.

2 thoughts on “FireFox Still Preferred Over Internet Explorer

  1. I now switch to Flock, but it is still based on Firefox code.

    You’re right about pre-installed software. That’s why RSS (and podcast) didn’t get off the ground sooner too.

  2. Now that Firefox 3.0 has launched and some of the previous issues with it have been resolved, I feel there will be more of those long term IE users switching over. One of the reasons for a lot of people using IE over firefox up to this point was the memory usage that ff 2.0 had. The long it was open the more RAM it used. Especially if you had multiple tabs open. Mozilla fixed this issue by preventing images from storing in the cache if they were not being used.
    Again, that is only one issue they fixed that helped, but like you said, the add ons are worth it for me. Customizing the entire browser to feel whats best to you. I mean I couldn’t ask for more.

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