Fix A WordPress Blog With One Click

Just as a foundation on a house is important to the rest of the structure and the longevity of the building, so is the foundation of a Blog. 

WordPress is a great foundation, however, sometimes we get that foundation messed up. If you have a WordPress Blog that is under performing, try this, set the WordPress Theme back to the Default. 

If your content is good, will readers quit reading something because it is not as pretty?

What about the search engines?

Maybe they are losing their way through all those little enhancements?

Or, try any other Minimal WordPress Theme, sometimes simple is just better.

2 thoughts on “Fix A WordPress Blog With One Click

  1. INSPIRED!!!!

    The BANE of my existence is spending WEEKS “tweaking” a freaking blog theme only to have the “Hello World” post be the sole content.

    Then, I get an email wondering why their blog isn’t ranking on a highly competitive search term.

  2. On I have actually been posting a lot about simplicity on your blog. I believe its important. Some of the ideas, I derived from you and Garry, but mainly for a blog to function well and user friendly is important to me. And I believe by doing so, you actually create a better site for search engines to crawl?

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