Garry Conn does it again

Leave it to Garry Conn to come up with new ways to tell his readers some great tips. Garry has always had a very unique site with a direct style unmatched by anyone else on the Internet. As a reader there is hardly any doubt as to what Garry is telling you. If you want the straight scoop, you can count on him. And now Garry has started a new service where he will be supplying subscribers with Premium Grade tips.

To let everyone get a sampling of this Premium Content Garry posted his first article on his site yesterday and it is certainly worth the read, and I would highly recommend signing up for the full subscription to this service. The best place to start is with his latest post Top Quality Blogging Tips on PDF

And you can tell right off the bat that Garry is writing from his personal experience and knowledge, just look at the title “Blog Tips During Softball Practice“. As usual Garry never stops, he delivers great quality tips while sitting at his daughters Softball practice. Most of use have trouble concentrating with the office door closed and this guy is knocking out great tips while sitting at a softball field.

One of the keys to Garry’s success is his honesty. Garry will tell you the truth and back it up. And if he ever makes a mistake, or just changes his mind, he will not hesitate to let you know. And in this day and age, there is no better quality you can ask for from a Blogger. And Garry, you are a Premium blogger!

I am sure once you have read Garry’s article you will want to Digg It !!

Thanks Garry, and as always I look forward to your next post.

13 thoughts on “Garry Conn does it again

  1. I honestly agree with your point of view. I’ve asked Garry for his help / advice many times and I’ve always got the answer I was looking for.

    I sincerely recommend to subscribe to his RSS to stay updated with the latest news.

  2. I agree 100% & continue to be amazed with his broad knowledge base & the ability to translate that into terms that a novice such as myself can understand & apply!

  3. Another good well written article by Garry which gets his point across really well. Definitely worth signing up and I look forward to seeing his future articles!

    Thanks Garry!

  4. David,

    You said it all when you talk about Garry’s honesty. Garry is the most honest person I’ve ever met since being online. Sometimes, he’s even honest to a fault.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone was as honest as Garry?

  5. David — couldn’t agree more. Who would have thought that you could write blog tips from the bleachers? Garry is a straight shooter alright, I just hope he doesn’t get hit by a foul ball.

    Love the blog, BTW. Heard about it via an IM and will hit the RSS button next. Glad I found you (might not have otherwise).


  6. Christine, if more people were honest, it sure would make life a little easier!

    Mark, Welcome aboard, glad to see ya made it over here.

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