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Last week I produced my first video for Garry Conn about Yahoo Pipes. Garry did a great job of posting the video and I really appreciate his help and support.

During this process I discovered how much I enjoyed video production and I have decided to do some more. Here is my next video which was inspired by several people I work with who have a problem keeping up with email. Using the techniques in this video will help anyone do a better job of managing their email, instead of letting their email control them.

Please give me some feedback and help me improve my video production skills.

8 thoughts on “Gmail Filters Video

  1. Rock On Dude!!! Excellent video man! Of all the people that this video can help, I think I personally take the cookie! lol

    Keep this videos coming… they are very professional and so very easy to follow. A key thing I love the most about your videos is that they are short and sweet. I can’t stand long and drawn out videos… A + + +

  2. Garry, I thought this could help you, lol. Managing massive amounts of email is not that hard, but it certainly takes a little upfront work and I think this video gives an easy solution to that problem.

    And I will certainly try to keep the Videos as short as possible without sacrificing needed information

  3. David, I think you’ve found a niche here man! Great video presentation, short & sweet is the real deal. Very good content and professional delivery. I’ll have to give this a try. It’s great to actually see the steps, as most folks are visual learners.

    No CADD here, LOL!!

  4. Hey David, your video presentation is on the money – very professional. The delivery is concise and I could really concentrate on the whole – can’t say the same for many others. 🙂 I don’t really receive that many emails to need to manage it at a higher level but certainly I agree this will help those who have more fans than I do. 🙂

    Great job – looking forward to more!

  5. Mike & YC,

    Glad you liked it, and I think you confirmed what I thought. Videos like this need to be concise and direct. I know a lot of the ones I try to watch are just too long.

    Thanks for the input, and look for more videos soon!

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