Goodbye 2007, Hello 2008

Like a lot of other bloggers there is no way I can possibly list everyone who has impacted me on the Internet in the last year. So, I would just like to thank everyone who reads this!

2007 was  a stellar year for me on the Internet and at times it was a little wild. If 2008 is even close to being  as successful as 2007 I will be thrilled.

I hope and pray that your 2008 will be a smashing success for you in every way possible!

5 thoughts on “Goodbye 2007, Hello 2008

  1. And I would like to THANK YOU, David, for all of your help this past year. I had more success and made more money online than ever before, and I couldn’t have done any of that without your invaluable assistance.

    I wish you & your staff a Very Happy New Year. Here’s hoping we all will have a Great 08!!

  2. Happy new year David!

    Hope you had a good one and all the best for 2008!

    Thanks for all your efforts on your blog, as a reader it’s much appreciated!

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