Google AJAX Partner Bar

The Google AJAX Search API team just keeps coming up with some really cool tools. This time it is something called the Partner Bar. The Partner Bar was built based on a request they had to help a customer configure and link to their Partners.

You can read the full post from Mark Lucovsky here.

To show how easy these API’s are to work with I built a simple Partner Bar and plugged it in below. This API would make an excellent WordPress Plugin, I am just limited in time. So here is what I did.

I took the sample code and placed it in a seperate PHP file in my Themes folder. First I modified the feeds included in the sample and included the file in my header.php. Then I placed the required div tag in the body of this post.

I can see where the Partner Bar could be utilizied on a blog or website to either support your partners, but it may also be a good way of selling ad space in the form of a RSS list from the customer. And since this is an AJAX API it is not machine readable and able to pass page rank. So there is a win win!

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