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Most bloggers I talk to subscribe to a lot of feeds. Subscribing to feeds will definitely help keep you up to date with what your favorite bloggers have to say. I like to also keep up with specific topics. These topics range from my own domain names to my kids. And there is one tool that makes this as easy as reading your email. Google Alerts.

With a Gmail account you can manage your alerts at

There are 5 types of Alerts.

  • News
  • Blogs
  • Web
  • Group
  • Comprehensive

Once you have a type, you can set a timing factor of

  • once a day
  • once a week
  • as it happens

Comprehensive is by far my favorite, it will keep you up to date with the 4 main types. I also use “as it happens” for most of my alerts. Give it a shot, the last blogger I convinced to try Google Alerts had this to say….

“Man… I love Google Alerts… I can’t thank you enough … This is the best thing since the invention of bubblegum!” – Garry Conn

2 thoughts on “Google Alerts

  1. and see… unless I subscribed to the RSS feed, I would have never known about this post unless I had set up a Google Alert for my name. 🙂

    Google Alerts are great, you can track anything or anyone you want. Set up a Google Alert for “Garry Conn” and discover all the wild and crazy things people say about me!

    Of course, you may be more entertained sitting on your front porch watching your grass grow! But, I am easily entertained. 🙂

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