Google Buzz Suggestions

I have been using Google Buzz and overall, I like it. It has some real potential.

The one thing I can not grasp is why Google is choosing to keep the control so tight. After all these years the one thing you could count on with Google was some options. And we all know, if it can be done, Google can do it.


  • Google Buzz in the inbox. Give us some options. Start with, yes or no, and branch out from there. If yes, let us set the update interval to some extent. Buzz in Gmail is not the issue, just the inbox flow.
  • Google Buzz and Google Reader integration. Once again, yes or no would be nice. My Reader was just about perfect for me, now, it is a mess.
  • Bump interval. Why not let us set this to a number of comments before a post is bumped? Maybe a combination, either X number of comments, or an elapsed time will bump it.
  • Mute fade. I just don’t think the Web 2.0 feature is worth the delay. I know I muted it, just let it go. Of course, an option here would be nice for those who like it.
  • Contacts. Wow, what a mess this is. Google Buzz has made trash out of my contacts. I have not investigated this much, but I know I was shocked when I realized Buzz was doing a number on my nice clean list.
  • How about a favorites button or some mechanism to flag something for later review? You are the ones who got us used to this in Gmail and Reader!

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