Google +1 in Wrong Place?

I signed up for the experimental Google +1 search at the first chance. At first it looks like a good idea, then after doing some organic searches I realized that with the +1 being on Google Search results it is actually in the wrong place.

Let’s say you do a search for Acoustic Guitar Pickups, and the search results give you the first 10 results. Now, are you going to click +1 here? Why would you, you have not seen the site yet. So, let’s say you go to the first result and it is perfect match for what you needed. Will you go back and click the +1? Probably not. And if you went to a page and it was a bad match, you would go back and check out another listing, but once again, you would not have a reason to click the +1.

Until +1 is on an actual page it is really not very helpful.

Being on the search results page it is almost guaranteed that most the clicks on the +1 icon will be people trying to game their own results. This will only help once Google adds the +1 to their signals to rank pages, which is not in place yet.

So, is +1 useless as it stands right now?


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