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Google is experimenting with new Promote and Remove buttons in the SERPS moving the search experience to a more personal level. They clearly state that this is an experiment and it may only last a short time.

This experiment lets you influence your search experience by adding, moving, and removing search results. When you search for the same keywords again, you’ll continue to see those changes. If you later want to revert your changes, you can undo any modifications you’ve made. Note that this is an experimental feature and may be available for only a few weeks. – Source : Google Experimental Search

If this experiment works, it could mean a whole new level of thinking in the SEO world. Getting a top ranking for any keyword may just be a thing of the past. This would seem to be ushering in a new era for Google where bogus search results will easily be washed out by the people doing the searches, however, as we have seen in the past with things like Google Bombs, it may also open up a new problem for them to combat.

There is also a great video that goes along with Google’s announcement that explains theĀ SearchWiki

What do you think?

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9 thoughts on “Google Promote and Remove

  1. I noticed this only in Google Chrome.
    I am NOT a fan of this because there are ways to game this system big time.
    For example, imagine hiring 100 workers in India to do nothing but promote your sites all day?
    Those of us who promote with good content would not stand a chance.

  2. Allyn, I think you are misunderstanding what it does, it does not change rankings for others. Only your rankings and it adds notes, so having a 100 people do anything is not going to change the ranking.

  3. I think, google might be using this data but I dont think its anything for us to worry about for one they probably haven’t put it into there algorithm yet and it will be up there with the other 2,000 things they use to evaluate sites. But a better way to get this up would be to make a worm that auto put up someone site, then u would be a instant superstar might as well thro it up every 10 seconds like spyware branding. I dont think hiring anyone will do the trick and u can reach others so many ways doesn’t sound efficient to me. But until this theory has been tested thoroughly bye people from stomper net or like organizations I don’t have much faith into wasting any time or resources into it.

  4. I think it’s a great feature: The fact is that when I go on a search for information, the first thing that comes up are a hundred sites which contain those keywords but not the information – and hundreds of ads. And these same sites always come up! This way I can just exclude them from my own personal search. I also do it to sites that require money to read a research paper.

    While it only affects my own search results – that’s what I really care about – I just don’t want my screen to be cluttered with a bunch of bogus sites pretending to be informative which are just ad farms.

    Great feature, Google!


  5. PS: Since I use Google for what it was made for – searching and finding information – I’m not too appreciative of the floods of ads and bogus sites. But I can see how people who see Google as a free money machine which works by their ability to saturate viewers over and over in ads they aren’t interested in, then yeah I can see how those folks won’t be happy if google makes it easier for viewers to avoid ads they don’t want to see.

    But for me, the ability to increase my odds of getting the results I want right away with the ability to remove from my own results those sites which I’ve seen and don’t want to see again – this is an absolutely great feature for those using Google in its intended function!

    Before this feature came along, there were many times when I said “I wish I could block certain websites from turning up in my results.”

    Way to go Google!


  6. Something I think we are all missing form this discussion. I think this feature may work for more advanced users, but what about people that don’t know how to search? Won’t it encourage poor search habits? If you can do any search that is close, and then just change all the SERPs to be whatever you want, then you don’t have to make intelligent searches… thereby making people less familiar with good search tactics and devaluing specified search terms.
    For better or worse, this could change how people search.

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