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Over the last year or so there have been a few comments and blog posts about Google Vehicle Search in Google Base. There are lots of vehicles listed in Google Base and you can search these vehicles using the Vehicle Search page.

This week I have been seeing these results show up in a regular Google search. While doing research on selling one of my older cars I noticed that typing in the Year, Make and Model brought up a new link for the Vehicles Search on the Google Search results page.

Google Vehicle Search

I really liked this option. Without jumping to a bunch of car sites I can get a quick idea of the current selling price of a vehicle. Most of the vehicles listed were posted by which is an excellent Car database site, so the quality of the search results were pretty good.

Not sure why, but the results are not showing up consistently. I have tried several different cars and the Vehicles link does not always show up, even for the same car.

Just a note, if you think Blog and Website flipping is something new, Cars and Houses have had a pretty good “flipping” market for years and years. I personally think Car flipping is the easiest of the 3.

5 thoughts on “Google Vehicles Search

  1. I would love this one more if the links actually worked. We tried the vehicle search out but many of the ones we searched for were no longer listed on it. 🙁 Not good when you are needing a car fast.

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