Honest Blogging

I needed a little blogging humor this morning and although I found this cartoon from Blaugh pretty funny, the reality is that this it is probably closer to the truth than most would admit.

Blogging has certainly brought a new level of honest and direct communication to business, and there are certainly some companies that were not ready for it.


8 thoughts on “Honest Blogging

  1. I think you are safe, unless you fire yourself. hhhmmmm, there have been days where I could imagine you just might do that, lol…

  2. I also hope it has caused people to scrutinize what they read more, too. It’s so easy to read it and believe it when it’s printed. Having a healthy dose of suspicion would be a good thing to have.

  3. This cartoon is so true these days. Bad part is many bloggers don’t realize that their boss could be reading their blog and realize it is about them. Yep, honestly can kill a company that is messing up, especially when the employee reveals the secrets.

    So Garry, will you be firing yourself? 🙂

  4. This is too close to the truth, because I’ve been told I’m too honest. Funny thing is, my company did a study and concluded that blogging has no value to them. Huh, imagine that!?!

  5. Blogging is an extremely powerful way for a business to score tons of free advertising. I am surprised to see that more companies haven’t taken full advantage of blogging yet.

    A great example of the power of blogging/video blogging, is with Oprah. She gets it! She understands the power this has.

    It’s free advertising, free promotion… she is syndication special stuff only found on YouTube granted… but on the flip side, she is also drawing in new viewers to her show.

    Her videos are getting 200,000+ views in a matter of days. I am sure a large part of that comes from the promotion of it within her TV show, but I am also sure quite a bit come direct from YouTube.

    Blogging and especially video blogging is very powerful. I am not starting to focus much more on video blogging over anything else.

    David is very good with his tutorial videos and has already shown a huge amount of success with that.

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