How to Get Free Web Hosting

Have you ever wanted to host a lot of domains, for a little money, while still getting a solid server with great support. Me TOO !! So I did.

A couple of years ago I went searching for the best deal on web hosting. I did a lot of research and tried a lot of different systems. Although there was some bad press on them, I settled with DreamHost and I have not had to think about changing since.

I have had up to 100 domain running on my account at one time without serious problems. Oh sure, there have been a couple of times where I was down, but I was always impressed with their email support and the response time.

I also appreciate their RSS support system. You know about issues usually before there is a chance for surprises.

But the best part, I have not paid for hosting in a year !!!

DreamHost lets you make your own Discount program to give to people, the more you discount the less you earn, very simple. I have had a lot of success with a $30 discount. Their standard account is $119.40 + no setup for a year of hosting, which breaks down to $9.95 per month. I have a promo code you can use CYBER30HOSTING that will give you a $30 discount, which then breaks down to $7.45 per month. With this system you can have any commissions applied to your bill and then cash out the remainder.

One more great feature is the ability to give other people access to any part of your account. I have used this feature to help others, and it sure makes it easier on both parties.

Link : Web Hosting by DreamHost

Disclaimer : This is NOT a paid post, just something I wanted to share. And yes, if you use my coupon I do make a little money!

4 thoughts on “How to Get Free Web Hosting

  1. People either hate DH or love it very much.

    I am a happy user though. I am registered for 2 years.

    I was put into a crowded server with constant load, but when I complained they put me on a new server, which is much better.

    Several time the sites were down, but those are acceptable considering that I am on shared hosting. But you’re right they are responsive on customer support.

  2. I hosted KapNuz on DH a few months back and since then have been migrating most of my domains to DH.

    Just like you mentioned, I like their discount coupon system 😉

  3. I head that recently Dream host outsourced all their email to Gmail. Apparently they are using google since they have developed their email hosting platform so well

    1. outsourced to gmail? Spoken like a true non-knowledge worker…

      Dreamhost doesn’t now nor have they every ‘hosted’ email. You can self-host (using your hosting account and an open source application like squirelmail OR you can host it somewhere other than your hosting account like yahoo or gmail.

      Dreamhost has made it SUPER easy to use gmail by creating the DNS entries required to route your email to gmail – but they do not setup, support, or otherwise engage google for your email. So if by “outsourced to gmail” you meant to say “made it easy to use gmail to host your email by creating the mx records automatically so you don’t have to” then yeah, I guess they did…

      BTW – will host wordpress for $5 a month without paying a year upfront – and never a setup fee. Just mention when you fill out the contact us form.

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