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Emerging Media Specialist

Inspired by an ad I saw on Twitter for a Emerging Media Specialist I created a simple little web site that demonstrates how to show different media searches on one page seamlessly without having to reload any pages. With one search you get results for Video, Web, Twitter, News, Books and Images. The videos are presented by thumbnails on the page, and clicking on the thumbnails will launch a floating player on the page.

The site utilizes the Google AJAX Search API to put it all together and is a total of 2 pages, the index pages and a CSS stylesheet.

This is very similar to the CyberSearch located on this site, a matter of fact after I setup the Emerging Media Specialist site, I used the new CSS to enhance the CyberSearch page here.

Ajax API Video WordPress Plugin

Since mid 2006 I have participated in the Google AJAX API. At first the API was only for search, but it quickly grew and began encompassing all the tools that Google had available. From RSS Feeds to Video, the Google AJAX APIs have a lot to offer developers. One of the key elements to the AJAX group at Google is how willing they are to listen to the end users and adapt their offerings. In September 2006 I made a suggestion that surprisingly (at least to me) was not only heard but acted upon, thanks to Mark Lucovsky, and that was the addition of a Video Bar.

Add a “Video Bar” to your blog
September 29, 2006
Google AJAX Search API Blog

…An early adopter of the API known as “CyberCoder” had a cool idea… He envisioned a “Video Bar” that could sit in a narrow side bar vertically, or across the top or bottom of a page horizontally.

Last night we launched a Video Bar solution. This makes a great addition to your blogs and pages and composes nicely with an existing Video Search solution. To show you an example, we added the video bar to our AJAX Search API Playground blog.

I have developed a lot of page variations around this Video Bar over the last 18 months. One thing that always comes up when dealing with AJAX technologies is the fact that AJAX inherently does not help with SEO since the JavaScript elements are not read by the search spiders. Putting this fact aside, adding AJAX to a page can have significant advantages. More bloggers need to realize that not everything on a page needs to be part of their SEO functions. Adding relevant information to a page, especially videos, can greatly affect the amount of quality traffic and links a site gets.

Last year I was also involved in the Blog Bar that was added to the Google AJAX API lineup.

Add a Blog Bar to your site
March 15, 2007
Google AJAX Search API Blog

On February 7, we announced the availability of the Google News Bar. This cut-and-paste search control is simple to use and has seen phenomenal adoption.

Anytime we launch a new AJAX Search API feature, we ask you to share your thoughts with us in the AJAX Search API developer forum. Late Sunday evening, “CyberCoder” (a.k.a., inventor of the Google Video Bar) asked us to produce a modified News Bar that worked over Blog Search instead of News Search.

You can also see other Community Samples built by developers using the Google AJAX Search API, and maybe get yours listed too!

So here is my latest addition to using the Google AJAX API VideoBar. The AjaxAPIVideos WordPress Plugin.

The AjaxAPIVideos Plugin is designed for WordPress and adds a videobar to pages wherever you include the code snippet.

The plugin uses the post title to search for videos and return 4 small thumbnails in a horizontal Video Bar. When clicked on, the video will play on the page without requiring another page load and this means that not only does the visitor stay on your site, he can start and stop the video from your page. And since the search query is simply the Post title, the videos should be relevant to the post content (if your title is relevant). If no videos are found, the space where the video thumbnails usually appear is simply closed up and the page keeps it’s flow without an empty thumbnail etc.

I have always thought the advantage to this type of dynamic page load is that you do not have to anything other than write your post, and you get relevant videos loaded on your page.

Getting relevant videos loaded just doesn’t get any easier than this!

Download the AjaxAPIVideos WordPress Plugin here.

PS: If you are wondering why there are no videos on this page, Youtube is returning zero results for “AJAX API Video WordPress Plugin” which is not a bad thing, that means the plugin is working, no relevant videos, no problem. To see a page with the videos click on a previous post in the right sidebar. Or click a tag from below, the Video Bar Plugin is also loaded on the Tag pages.

Super Tuesday Results in a Google Map Twitter Mashup

This is one of the best pages (link below) I have seen displaying the results for Super Tuesday Voting. I was searching for a graphical representation of how the voting occurred, preferably real time when I saw this link in the sponsored links at the top of the search page.

It is a Google Map Mashup that shows the Super Tuesday results and cycles through Twitter posts about Super Tuesday.

These are the kind of mashups I like to see. Real world data mashed up in a meaningful environment.

Link : Google Maps Decision 2008

Google AJAX APIs

Google AJAX API is a huge emerging technology that a lot of mainstream bloggers know about but don’t put forth the effort and time to learn about. As I am a very successful programmer and web developer and bring a lot of business to the table for many clients I work with, utilizing Google AJAX API is one of the most asked for services I provide on a professional level. A good example of this is my work with Garry Conn. He had the ideas but needed help with the implementations. The API was a perfect fit for some of Garry’s blogs and fit his need. Once I educate my clients about Google and their amazing technology, I have clients practically drooling and want in on a piece of the pie.

What Is Google AJAX API?

As a web developer, you may be asking this question. More so, you may be asking “How can using Google API provide a better professional service to my clients?” or, “How can my clients expand and grow their business within their niche market using Google API?”. The key thing to know and understand is the fact that the Internet itself and the people who use the Internet are constantly growing and expanding and demanding more and more. The Internet has shifted from an era of having flat files and HTML code into a super information galaxy that uses advanced technology coupled with excellent static or machine readable content. Google API is here to present masses of information in a robust way. Here is an example:

This morning I started playing with the Google AJAX API again. One idea I have had floating around in my head was to mash it up so that I could get search results for Blogs, Webs, News, Images and Videos on a single page with a Map to a location. This really wasn’t hard and was possible with a small amount of modifications to other search pages I had created. Here is the result. The page will take any location you pass to it and create a dynamic page of results. Just separate the words with a dash “-” and complete the URL with a forward slash “/”.



It’s hard to believe I have been involved with the Google AJAX APIs since June of 2006. The programs have come a long way since then. In September of 2006 I came up with the idea for the Google Video Bar and Mark Lucovsky and team whipped it up into a functional part of the system. In March of 2007 I came up with the Blog Bar idea and the team again made it a reality. This type of response from Google as been a real surprise, but I think that is what sets their work apart from so many others.

Images added to Google AJAX Search API

This morning the Google team led by Mark Lucovsky released Google images to the AJAX Search API. With one line of code I was able to adjust my search page to now include the images.

This morning, we are announcing Image Search in the API. Image Search is just as easy to use as all of our other searchers. For those of you using our basic search control, it’s as simple as this…

Source : AJAX Search API Blog

The has been a top request since the launch of the API last year. Glad to see Google is still listening to their user base!

Click here to see an example.