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Baseball Analogy of Blogging

I spend more time reading blogs than I do blogging. After some of the conversations lately I realized that there is an excellent Baseball analogy that fits blogging.

“Get em on, get em over, get em in”

The basic baseball principle is that you do not need Home Runs to win the game, you just need consistency in your hitting and base running, and more bloggers need to understand this formula.

Let’s break it down.

“Get em on” – Very simple, you can not score a run without getting a man on base. Quit swinging for the fence every time. And not every runner will convert to a score, just like every visitor will not convert to a sale. But, if you don’t get them in place, you have no chance. Maybe instead of spending all your energy on being #1 with a keyword or keyword phrase you should just work at being in the Top 10 or 20.

“Get em over” – Ok, you got a runner on first base, now ya just got to move them over one base at a time, no big feat needed. Same thing blogging. Once you have the visitor to your site, you have to get them in place to convert whatever it is you are trying to convert. Page layout and navigation play a big role here. If your site is too cluttered or confusing, how can you guide the visitor where you want them to be?

“Get em in” – The last leg of the journey. You got them on base, you moved them over, now just get them across home plate. Whatever your objective is, it has to be laid out in a manner that makes someone want to”go for it”. Are your products easily accessible? Did you explain what they needed to know to want to buy in to your product?

Are you just swinging for the fence?

Maybe it’s time to take it one step at a time.

  • Get ’em on
  • Get ’em over
  • Get ’em in