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WordPress SEO vs Blogger SEO

A simple Tweet about WordPress SEO on Twitter sent me down this road.

After looking at the SERPS for WordPress SEO and a little keyword research I wondered if the results were similar for Blogger SEO?

They are not even close, WordPress SEO gets four times the searches than Blogger. Why is that?

Are WordPress users more aware of SEO or is Blogger just so good at it that people using that platform do not even worry about it?

Import Blogger to WordPress error

If you have tried to import a blog from Blogger to WordPress 2.2 you may have been frustrated by an error. The system just returns a message that it can not login to your Blogger account. There is a very simple fix for this error that requires a one character change in the wp-admin/import/blogger.php file.

On or around line 84 there is a reference to www2.blogger.com, change this to www.blogger.com and the import should work.

I have done several imports from Blogger to WordPress and the system has been working great.